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Price Page

        Studio Headshot Prices:  

We only keep your session for 30 days.

$ 99.00    15 minute session                                            

$ 149.00   30 minute session: This allows for a few light adjustments 

$ 249.00  60 minute session: We shoot multiple angles and adjust lights for the best image

$ 50.00     Additional for touch-up per image

All headshot sessions include one digital file.

Additional headshot digital files are 50.00 each unedited; multiple images are discounted

Additional touch-ups can vary in cost, but our  touch-up package does include  moderate skin, wrinkles, and teeth whitening for 50.00 per person in a file.


         Headshots On-location Prices:

We only keep your session for 30 days.

   150.00 per hour                                      

   $ 50.00 for each headshot.          example: 5 headshots is 250.00 plus 150.00 per hour

                                                                 example: 1 headshot is 50.00 plus 150.00 per hour

    $ 50.00 trip charge in DFW area


   We can do around 6 to 8 headshots per hour including client authorizing the shot.

   20 headshots per hour is about the max if we choose the shot.    

   Simple touch-ups  50.00 per person                                                             

   Extra equipment, backgrounds or assistants, if needed, is an additional charge 

  Trip charge 50.00 in DFW area   

  Studio Rental Is Available At Hourly Rates

         Portrait Sessions Prices:

We only keep your session for 30 days.

    $ 575.00  This includes session and either one digital file or print credit.


    Print prices:

    $ 50.00 for 5x7 or 8x10    Yes we offer volume discounts.

    $ 375.00    11x14 mounted

    $ 575.00    16x20 mounted

    $ 675.00    20x24 mounted

    $ 775.00    20x30 mounted

    $ 1275.00  30x40 mounted

You can purchase additional digital files at 150.00 per file. These file sizes are only good for small prints like 5x7's and holiday/event cards We offer volume discounts on digital files.

We only keep your digital files for 30 days, then they are deleted, so place any orders before the 30 days after your photo session to ensure we still have the files.