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Let Flower Mound Tx. based photographer Scott Young Photography create a perfect professional business headshot for you to use to market yourself in the business setting or as an actor, model, or musician. In some situations, your headshot is the first and only impression you may get with the people you want to get in contact with. Let us capture your best look that shows you in a relaxed and confident manner. We also service headshots in Grapevine, Coppell, Lewisville, Denton. Our on-location headshots are priced as a location headshot shoot and you can find pricing on the price page.

Headshot Tips

* Stay away from busy patterns, thick strips, and logos

* Shirts and tops need to have necklines that help compliment your body type.

* Take the time to make sure the clothing is as wrinkle free as possible. One way to ensure this is to bring the clothes on hangers and change into them just before the headshot session.

* When wearing a jacket the shirt needs to be either darker or lighter than the jacket being worn.

* Make sure all the clothes you bring fit properly and don't bunch up when buttoned.

* Perhaps the best tip is to take smartphone photos of the clothes you plan on wearing for the headshot session the day before your appointment. Seeing your clothes in a picture will indeed show how you look, versus just looking into a mirror--yes there is a big difference; try it.

* Eyes are an important part of a successful image. Eyes that look happy; energized, or friendly is preferred.

* To reduce a double chin, extend your face closer to the lens without lifting the chin to the sky. This movement helps tighten the skin around the chin and jawline.



The goal of headshots is to capture you at your best. This means photographs that represent a natural and relaxed version of you during your photo session.

Today's business headshots are essential for marketing yourself through social medias like LinkedIn, Facebook or websites.

In many cases the first time someone might see you will be a photograph. This visual introduction can have a lasting impact; because people make split-second judgments that are either positive, neutral or negative based on visual photographs, so it is even more imperative today to have professional headshot images of the people that make up a company.

Scott Young Photography offers different types of headshot services.

One of the most popular styles of headshots is what we call environmental. The environmental headshot is where we bring a portable photography studio to your location and setup professional lighting at your place of business.

These environmental photos can be taken at a desk, hallway, outside, or any place that has visual interest. Another option for a business headshot is what we call standard.

This standard headshot style is more of a head and shoulders with the standing and looking at the camera face on or at a slight angle to the camera. The background for standard headshots is either cloth or paper of various colors.A standard headshot setup is best for companies that need a lot of headshots done fast and efficient. Once our photographers are set up for a standard style of headshot, we can do approximately 30 headshots per hour.

All the headshot services we provide comes with high-resolution, digital files that are ready for you to get started with your websites, social media, or printing needs.

We at Scott Young Photography are here to provide solutions for your business headshot needs.

My personal goal for most headshots and business headshots is to keep in mind that my client intends to use it as a tool to market their self on a website or social media.

So as the headshot photographer I must personally bring out the best expressions that someone has to offer the camera. This means images that have plenty of life in the facial expressions instead of a low-energy stare at the camera.

Everyone wants great professional headshots because it is the primary focus of any viewer that will see their image. Enhancing the overall headshot experience is always my goal, and this starts with a brief consultation about you and the purpose of the headshot.

This headshot consultation is comprehensive and guides us to a better more user-friendly photographic result. Chances are when you take the time to follow our recommendations for your business headshot you will have a better chance to achieve your goal of a great headshot; after all, that is why people hire me as a photographer.

I've spent over a decade performing, researching, and experimenting with all types of headshots and have a lot to of knowledge that is accessible to my clients. You too can capitalize on professional headshots that can resonate with your audience when booking with Scott Young Photography.