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Photographers that create stunning headshots and portraits for Flower Mound, Grapevine, Lewisville, and Coppell Tx.

 A reminder all of our photographer only keep the digital files from your photography session for 30 days, so it's imperative that you place any orders by this time frame.

Our professional photographers at our Flower Mound photography studio and offer business headshots and family portrait photography.View our current photo galleries or contact us to learn how we can use our experience to help you look your best in your photos.

The photography studio is located in Flower Mound, and we service our neighboring towns of Grapevine, Coppell, Lewisville, and Denton Tx.

We also provide on location options in the DFW area for professional business headshots and portrait photography. We do offer photography studio rental to other photographers and is available at an hourly rate.

Inside our studio, photographers have everything needed to do a headshot. This includes specialized headshot light modifiers that create a more contrasty look for models. And of course, the studio has several large softboxes, which is a more popular lighting choice for today's business headshot. Another invaluable tool I use in most every headshot is at least two or three light reflectors to bounce light into the eyes, neck, or other areas of the face to open up unwanted shadows.

And the best part of the headshot area is the advanced flash strobes we use. All of the equipment is 100 percent wireless. No worries about tripping hazards or cables showing up in the photograph, which reduces any extra time on photoshopping the headshot image.

Since cameras and tripods are unique to every photographer, this is the only equipment a photographer needs to shoot in our studio.

With Dallas-Fort Worth as a scenic backdrop for photographing your headshots or family portraits is easy and convenient for picking the right location. Choosing the suitable clothing for your company's image is a decision that takes time and thought to achieve great results. After all, you want your professional business headshots to be worthy of the company's website and social media.

Part of the commitment to your professional business headshots session is that you as a photography client must be flexible enough to let our photography studio help guide you in selecting the best location for your family or company that best suits your preferred image and style for a superior portrait experience.

The primary goal when investing in professional portrait photography is to acquire the most natural and relaxed looks possible for your investment.

Our photography studio is extremely excited to have been recently voted best of The Best Denton County. A very sincere thank you to all of our clients that help make our headshot photography studio successful. Scott Young is recognized as a photographer that has superior imaging skills. Scott has achieved several photographers of the year awards by The Best Of Denton for 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016.

Working with our skilled photographers in the art of people photography solve's our client's worries of how to smile or position their bodies in a way that enhances the final photographic image. Let's face it were not all models and we know that, so we will take the extra time until we grab that natural look for you as a valued client.

Headshots Simplified: We as photographers believe there's a better way to execute business headshots and portraits. We want you to leave with images that have warmth and can reflect the personality that you want to send out to the marketing world that meets the highest quality standards we can offer. In a typical year, our studio will perform over 200 headshot sessions for our customers, and they trust our experience to work within their schedules and maximize the final images.